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EcoQUIP+ Webinars


We ran a series of webinars between June 2020 and November 2020, covering key aspects of Innovation Procurement.  These were presented by practitioner experts who used case examples to show how innovation can deliver better outcomes and better value for the healthcare sector and wider public services. These webinars can be viewed using the links below.

We are also running a series of webinars aimed at healthcare managers, which look at the potential of innovation procurement to address key healthcare challenges.  These webinars will be available here on our website shortly after they have been presented.  Please keep checking back for new material and follow us on social media to find out how to join these webinars live.

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Innovation procurement in action
This webinar focused on how innovation procurement operates on the ground and look at the Forward Commitment Procurement methodology as a practical and proven tool to deliver better outcomes for hospitals and patients.
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Stakeholder engagement in innovation procurement

This webinar introduced the concept of stakeholder engagement as a key success factor, and how this supports the identification of a credible, outcome-based requirement.

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Market engagement in innovation procurement
Effective engagement with the market is a corner stone of innovation procurement. This webinar will look at the tools and practices involved.
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Pro-innovation tendering
In this webinar we will look at how the tendering process can be designed to enable innovative solutions to compete equally with established goods and services, and why this is essential in innovation procurement
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Procurement: Responding to COVID-19

This webinar was delivered in conjunction with our partner, the European Health Management Association.  It looks at how innovation procurement can help address the challenges facing frontline services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

EcoQUIP+ Newsletters


Our bi-annual newsletters are available to view below.  They provide information on our procurement projects and their market engagement activities as well as wider project activities and announcements.

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EcoQUIP+ Document Library


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Front cover of Ecoquip report
EcoQuip 2012-2016 Final Reportassociated-projects reportsecoquip
EQ+EHMA 2021 poster
EcoQUIP+ Poster Presented at EHMA 2021 Annual Conferenceeq-informationecoquip
E4H Monitoring Evaluation Plan - FINAL
Energy4Health Monitoring & evaluation plan for a roadmapassociated-projects reportsenergy4health
Energy4Health project summary
Energy4Health Project Summaryassociated-projects reportsenergy4health
E4H Report on Country Cast Study - Appendix-D - cover
Energy4Health Report on Country Case Studiesassociated-projects reportsenergy4health
E4H Roadmaprevised June 2015
Energy4Health Strategic Policy Roadmap Revised June 2015associated-projects reportsenergy4health
Energy4Health Summary of 1st draft Roadmap
Energy4Health Summary of 1st Draft Demand-Side Policy Roadmapassociated-projects reportsenergy4health
EPPeHealth - Strategy for eHealth
EPP eHealth – PPI/PCP Strategy for eHealthassociated-projects reportsepp-ehealth
EPPeHealth Joint-Statement of Unmet Needs - Final
EPP eHealth Joint Statement of unmet needs – finalassociated-projects reportsepp-ehealth
EPP Transforming the Market for eHealth Solutions
EPP eHealth Summary – transforming the market for eHealth solutionsassociated-projects reportsepp-ehealth
Cover for Joint Statement of Deman - innovative renovation in hospital wards
Joint Statement of Demand – Innovative renovation of the hospital wardeq-information procurement-projectsjoint-statements-of-demand
Joint Statement of Demand - Personalised surgical process for joint replacements
Joint Statement of Demand – Personalised surgical process for joint replacementseq-information procurement-projectsjoint-statements-of-demand
Cover of Joint Statement of Demand for Smart Emergency Call and Response
Joint Statement of Demand – Smart emergency call and response solution for hospitalseq-information procurement-projectsjoint-statements-of-demand
Cover of Joint Statement of Demand – Trnasformation of the out-patient journey
Joint Statement of Demand – Transformation of the out-patient journeyeq-information procurement-projectsjoint-statements-of-demand
Cover of joint Statement of Demand for sustainable waste reduction and management service for hospitals
Joint Statement of Demand – Waste reduction and managementeq-information procurement-projectsjoint-statements-of-demand
Cover for joint statement of demands showing surgeons at work
Joint Statement of Demand – Zero-waste operating theatreseq-information procurement-projectsjoint-statements-of-demand
LCB Report on Pilot Projects
LCB Healthcare 10 Messages from the Pilot Projectassociated-projects reportslcb-healthcare
LCB Report Towards Good Practice
LCB Healthcare Towards a good practice guide – creating the conditions for innovationassociated-projects reportslcb-healthcare
LCB Case Study Netherlands
LCB-Healthcare Case Study – Netherlands – Innovative procurement for a sustainable solutionassociated-projects case-studieslcb-healthcare
LCB Case Study Norwary
LCB-Healthcare Case Study – Norway – Front end planning for energy efficiency in hospitalsassociated-projects case-studieslcb-healthcare
LCB Case Study UK Nottingham
LCB-Healthcare Case Study – Nottingham – An integrated ultra low carbon energy solutionassociated-projects case-studieslcb-healthcare
LCB Case Study Poland
LCB-Healthcare Case Study – Poland – Introducing innovation procurement methodsassociated-projects case-studieslcb-healthcare
LCB Case Study UK Rotherham
LCB-Healthcare Case Study – Rotherham – Ultra efficient lighting for future wardsassociated-projects case-studieslcb-healthcare
Market Sounding Prospectus
Market Sounding Prospectusprocurement-projectsmarket-sounding-prospectus
Simple graphic symbol computer screen with person to denote webinar
Webinar Series 2020 Information Sheeteq-informationwebinars