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A collaborative innovation procurement project working across Europe

The ECOQUIP+ project builds on its successful predecessor, EcoQUIP, and related projects on public procurement for innovation (PPI).

These projects aimed to demonstrate how pro-innovation procurement methods help to improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of healthcare. This included direct interventions in the procurement processes of individual hospitals in a number of EU Member States.

We need to improve the overall out-patient experience by ensuring that outpatients visits are as smooth and stress-free as possible and that it is tailored to their individual needs.
Daniela Pedrini


In addition to developing the pro-innovation capability of individual partner hospitals, we have the following aims:

  • Connect EU supported R&D to procurement outcomes
  • Strengthen market demand for innovation by improving the capability of hospitals to engage in multilateral and collaborative actions.
  • Improve the use of the innovation potential in SMEs to support healthcare outcomes
  • Options and opportunities for joint procurement will be actively sought where they are feasible and add value in terms of outcomes and innovation

However, the need to align budgets and timelines is a serious impediment to joint procurement for both buyers and suppliers. Therefore, as well as mechanisms for cross-border joint procurement, we will be looking at other options for joined-up procurements that have proved effective in engaging suppliers and demonstrating joint demand.


  • Implement five leader-led innovation procurement (PPI) projects within the healthcare sector in important challenge areas that have good potential for aggregation of demand and wider replication.
  • Develop and test mechanisms for collaborative and joint procurement actions within the consortium and with 3rd party buyers throughout the innovation procurement life cycle.
  • Implement market engagement actions to catalyse interest from potential solution providers including innovative SMEs and EU-funded project beneficiaries.
  • Build and enable buyer groups that extend beyond the country, or region, of the lead hospital for each of the leader-led projects


Project management and coordination

Ensuring professional management, budget control and coordination


Leader-led innovation procurements

Implementation of five leader-led, collaborative PPI projects, each led by a hospital in a different European country. Each addresses an important challenge area with good potential for aggregation of demand and wide replication. They will seek to build capacity in collaborative innovation procurement and identify new challenges for future projects.

Facilitate collaborative actions

Exploration and engagement of options to facilitate coordination and collaboration between hospitals to create a credible market demand for the innovation targets. Activities will  establish links and synergies with national and European R&D, as well as actively identifying, engaging and informing SMEs about PPI and the procurement opportunities.


Sharing the lessons from the project with other stakeholders and thus multiplication of the overall impacts of the project.


Daniela Pedrini
The University Hospital, Bologna

We need to improve the overall out-patient experience by ensuring that outpatients visits are as smooth and stress-free as possible and that it is tailored to their individual needs.

Fiona Daly
NHS England and NHS Improvement, Commercial Directorate
National Sustainability and Workforce Lead

NHS England and NHS Improvement firmly believe that we need to transform our approach to waste management and be proactive in driving the circular economy.


Assoc. prof. PhD MD Andrius Klimašauskas
Vilnius University Hospital
Head of the Centre of Emergency

Having an effective emergency call system is crucial in an emergency department. Every day we are working in a front line, where each second is important for patients and where the highest level of focus is required. A more effective solution is essential.