Smart Emergency Call & Response Solution

Vilnius University Hospital, Santaros Klinikos, Lithuania

A need to redesign the emergency call and response system for effective management of life-threatening emergencies and improve patient outcomes

Having an effective emergency call system is crucial in an emergency department. Every day we are working in a front line, where each second is important for patients and where the highest level of focus is required. A more effective solution is essential.

Assoc prof PhD Andrius Klimašauskas,
Head of the Centre of Emergency

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Many hospitals across Europe do not have an effective emergency call system in cases such as emergency intubation and resuscitation where rapid help is needed. Help is often called in a confused and chaotic way, which is stressful for staff and, moreover, life threatening for patients.

Delays in the right support arriving can adversely affect the patients’ outcomes, leading to unnecessary clinical complications. Speedy and efficient arrival of help would aid us to significantly improve patient outcomes, the use of staff resources, and reduce stress.


We need, therefore, to introduce a smart emergency call and response solution into existing operating theatres, emergency departments and intensive care units. The solution should:

  • improve the management of life-threatening emergencies, leading to better patient outcomes and staff experience
  • provide a 24/7 alert pathway that notifies the most appropriate medical specialist of the emergency
  • facilitate the collation and analysis of the emergency response to support learning and clinical improvement
Cover of Joint Statement of Demand for Smart Emergency Call and Response
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