Innovative Renovation of Hospital Wards

Sucha Beskidzka Hospital, Poland

In common with many countries across Europe, hospitals in Poland are in need of renovation to improve the patient environment and outcomes.

We need to make a change that will improve the organization of staff work and the stay of patients in the ward. We have identified critical areas, the improvement of which would greatly contribute to increasing the perceived comfort of work and stay.
Management of the Sucha Beskidzka Hospital

Hospital ward


The construction of new hospital units is extremely expensive and there are growing requirements in relation to their function and social expectation.  Renovations are, therefore, becoming a necessary activity, carried out periodically by all hospitals.

In the case of our hospital, however, we want the renovation works to be not only a purpose in itself but also an important part of organisational change, contributing to the improved functioning of the hospital ward.

The main aim is to move away from the ‘bed-centric’ approach to focus on the functioning of the ward. We would like patients not to feel attached to beds. We want to create conditions that encourage patients to be more active during their stay in the ward and to have a sense of living closer to home, in a way that is safe for them.


Sucha Beskidzka Hospital is, therefore, seeking innovative renovation solutions for hospital wards that, in addition to the need to ensure continuity of care for our patients, will:

  • have a minimal impact on the functioning of the entire hospital
  • be economically effective (taking into account life-cycle costs)
  • be low carbon
  • promote sustainable development (taking into account the need to face the challenges related to climate change and possible epidemic threats)
  • be flexible and universal enough to be used in other healthcare units
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Marcin Kautsch
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