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Health Managers Webinar Series

2 | Achieving better value in healthcare through strategic procurement

On 19 September, the second webinar of our procurement series for health managers featured Prof. Dr. Louise Knight, Professor of Public Sector and Healthcare Procurement at Universiteit Twente, and Caterina Sampol, Coordinator for Public Procurement of Innovation at Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. During the panel discussion, Louise Knight and Caterina Sampol discussed how health managers can achieve better value in healthcare by making strategic use of procurement and how they can incorporate the concept of ‘value’ in their procurement process.

The panellists concluded that implementing value-based procurement within a healthcare setting is not easy but is worth it and that the most important step is to make a start. It was made clear that value-based procurement is not an option but a must.

To find out more, read the webinar report and watch the recording.

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