Market Consultation and Procurement Strategy Workshop

Personalised Surgical Process for Joint Replacements, Parc Tauli University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain

November 30th (10:00h-12:30h CET)

The aim of this remote workshop is to explore further needs and option, discuss further barriers and how these might be addressed and ultimately to inform the development of a procurement specification and strategy that is capable of delivering innovation in the joint replacement care pathway to improve patient outcomes.

Parc Tauli University Hospital are interested in ideas, information, new concepts and innovations that can contribute to improvements in one or more aspects of requirement:

• Deliver demonstrable clinical, cost and resource benefits
• Have the potential to be applied to other areas of elective surgery
• Meet all necessary standards in relation to quality, approvals, ethics and data protection, interoperability, etc.

Interested participants will be able to register for this remote event on the Market Consultation page.

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