4th EcoQUIP+ Webinar - Market Engagement in Innovation Procurement

Oct 7, 2020

The fourth webinar in the series was entitled ‘Market Engagement in Innovation Procurement’.  With effective engagement being a cornerstone of innovation, this webinar looked at the tools and practices involved.  Market engagement involves communicating an accurate and credible demand early in the process in a way that is convincing to suppliers.  It not only provides advance notice to suppliers of a customer’s need, it also serves to break down barriers between customers and suppliers and helps to determine the procurement strategy that is most likely to deliver the desired outcomes. 

The webinar was delivered by Gaynor Whyles, director at JERA Consulting, EcoQUIP+ consortium member and expert practitioner, with a practical case study presented by Denis Premec from Regional Agency North in Croatia.  The case example presented was related to the transformation of a kindergarten in Croatia and, while not related to the healthcare sector, demonstrates the transferable nature of the innovation procurement process across sectors and organisations.  The case study focused on the different stages of market engagement and highlighted both the challenges and the benefits of the process.  It provides a unique insight into the organisation’s experience of undertaking the process and the significant impacts that were achieved.  This project has now been awarded the Procura+ Award for Innovation Procurement of the Year 2020!

If you missed the fourth webinar or you want to watch it again, click here.

On 5th November 2020, the fifth webinar on "Pro-Innovation Tendering", will be held at 13:00 (CEST).  Sign up here if you would like to join.

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