EcoQUIP+ Webinar Series gets underway

Jun 17, 2020

The first webinar in the series ‘Innovation Procurement in Practice for the Healthcare Sector’ was held on 4 June 2020.  It was a great start to this programme, which introduces and explores the principles and benefits of Innovation Procurement, its methodologies and how it can deliver better outcomes and better value for the healthcare sector.  The webinar was delivered by Gaynor Whyles, expert practitioner and EcoQUIP Plus consortium member and, as we go through the series, Gaynor and other expert speakers will utilise their wide experience in this area, drawing on case study evidence from across Europe. 

Across Europe, health systems are facing major challenges (upward pressure on the costs of providing care, more pressure on budgets, new technologies creating new opportunities, new diseases, air pollution...). Innovation can provide solutions, but it is important to create the market conditions where innovation in goods and services can thrive.

Innovation procurement is about undertaking the procurement process in a way that stimulates the supply chain to invest in developing better and more innovative goods and services to meet the unmet needs of an organisation. In a nutshell, it is: “the good and services you need, when you need them, at a price that reflects the value that the organisation (and the society) places on them”. 

If you missed the first in the series, you can catch up here.

The next webinar, Innovation Procurement in Action,  will be held on 7 July at 13:00 (CEST).  Please sign up if you would like to join.

Details of the full webinar programme can be found here.


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